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 Updated on 29.10.2021

To ignite the scientific fervour in young minds, to provoke their curiosity and enhance their understanding of the various why's and how's of the world around us, a scientific fact is shared across all classes every Friday under the title ‘Sci Buzz’. The same is done in the form of an interesting creative.


In the present scenario, the need of the hour is to use the technological tools and applications safely and optimally. The Computer Department has initiated TECH TOOL TIP OF THE MONTH wherein a useful tech tip is shared with the staff and the students every month.

“The more words you know, the more clearly and powerfully you will think…and the more ideas you will invite into your minds.”

With the aim of enriching the minds of children and honing their communication skills, ‘WORD OF THE WEEK’ is shared with students across all classes, every week along with its meaning, pronunciation, and usage.


To expose our students to the differences in thought processes, opinions, execution of ideas and to promote inter-cultural understanding, the Senior Secondary Department has initiated virtual collaborative dialogue/activities with schools in various states.

SubjectState / SchoolDateClassTopic
Computer ScienceIES Public School,  Thrissur, Kerala08.10.2021XIICreating Innovative Solutions using Python


‘Collaborators’ is a specialized initiative of the staff of the Senior Secondary Department wherein each member shares a soft skill/a tool used in classroom teaching, with the department. This peer learning-sharing venture continues to equip educators with the latest technology. Mr. Dhirender Sharma and Ms. Sujata Sharma conducted a session on ‘Hybrid Teaching’ and ‘Google Earth’ respectively.


In order to teach the concepts of Science in an interesting way, a new initiative ‘Newspaper in Education’ has been started in Class V. Important topics, such as ‘Pollution’, ‘Global Warming’ etc. are explained more explicitly by the teachers through sharing and discussing the relevant news articles with students. This initiative has not only helped inculcate the habit of reading among the students, but also improved their general awareness.


The Primary Department has initiated the Financial Literacy Project for its students with an aim to sensitise them to the value of money, making them aware of its journey and evolution through trade. Worksheets have been designed and shared with students. A Financial Literacy Manual is being created.


TED talk videos are shown to the students of Class II during the Class Teacher’s Period every fortnight to discuss topics such as ‘Importance of Reading’, ‘Importance of Family’, etc. During the discussions, students share their experiences and opinions.

A Laughter session is organised for the children of the Pre-Primary during their Talk Time. The teachers and the students dress up in creative and funny attires, perform humorous acts and make the classrooms come alive with joy and merriment.


To instill the feeling of pride for our country’s rich and varied culture, the students of Classes VI-IX prepared a digital monograph for different states of our country as a part of a group activity. The students compiled comprehensive write-ups, giving detailed accounts of the topography, historical significance, monuments, culture and cuisines, art, dance, music, festivals, and important personalities such as artists, freedom fighters, scientists and musicians of the states assigned to them. Working in groups enabled students to develop the competencies of communication and collaboration, apart from inculcating in them a sense of honour for their country.


In pursuit of engaging with young people and empowering them with knowledge of our heritage and traditions, the ITIHAAS group, in partnership with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, has initiated ‘The Heritage Youth Ambassador Programme’. This year-long program in the hybrid model will equip students to engage with renowned experts and teachers from ITIHAAS, ASI, UNESCO, and World monuments fund.

The program includes field trips, project work, interviews, audio guide creation for various world heritage sites and photography. 11 students of the school from grades X to XII are participating in the program. The students went for their first field trip to various historical monuments in Delhi such as Purana Qila, Qutub Minar, and Gandhi Museum on 16th  October 2021.


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29 July ,2021

To make textual learning more vivid, graphic and enjoyable, CBSE has launched the Graphic Novel Project. A group of teachers from our school is working on  converting  chapters of 10 different subjects into  fascinating graphic stories.


The more words you know, the more clearly and powerfully you will think…and the more ideas you will invite into your minds.’
With the aim of enriching the vocabulary of our students and honing their communication skills, an initiative ‘WORD OF THE WEEK’ has been started across all departments. One age-appropriate word/idiom/phrase is shared along with its meaning, pronunciation and usage with the students on a weekly basis. The students and all subject teachers are encouraged to use the word as often as they can and make it a part of their active vocabulary.


Being sensitive to the fact that the circumstances were challenging, and  many families were terribly affected by the pandemic, the Holiday Homework across all classes was shared with the students on a weekly basis. The teachers virtually met the students every Monday, during the Summer Break, to brief them about the homework shared for the following week and guide them on the same.  This was much appreciated by the parents and enabled the students to work on their assignments themselves.


As an initiative towards strengthening the bond with the students, especially at a time when the students are not able to meet their peers and teachers physically, the Class Teachers across all classes meet five students by rotation everyday for 20 minutes at the end of the school day. During this period, the teacher asks them about their well-being and anything/any subject they need help with. This quality time gives a platform to the students to express themselves freely and form a personal connect with their teachers.


During the summer vacation, the students across all classes were given an access to a Digital Library to read any book on their tab, PC or smartphone. The parents and students really appreciated this initiative.

Several activities are organized on a regular basis to keep our students across all classes connected with the world of books and motivate them to read more :

  • Online Library Classes
  • Story Telling Sessions by renowned storytellers
  • Reading Day/Week
  • Virtual Book Fairs
  • PDFs of the books by some of the renowned authors like Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl are shared with the students. Online quizzes and worksheets based on books are attempted by the students.


Reading builds many important foundational skills, introduces vocabulary and helps children concentrate better in their studies. In keeping with this idea, Virtual Book Fairs were organised for our students to give them a chance to choose and buy their favourite books


‘Dancing stimulates the mind, body and soul-That is the Miracle of Dance.’

When you dance, it releases dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, neurotransmitters and hormones in your brain that are commonly linked with happiness and well-being.With an aim to help the students rejuvenate and be stress-free during these tough times, Western Dance Classes have been started in Classes I and II. The same are held once a week for each class. The students have been participating in these classes most enthusiastically.

During adolescence, imagination is boundless and the urge for self-perfection is at its peak. In order to ensure holistic development of children and to bring in the element of fun in learning, Western Music Classes have been initiated in class IX. Students are thoroughly enjoying and look forward to these sessions as they provide the much needed outlet in these challenging times


To help students express their views freely on various issues, the TED Club of the Primary Department has initiated ‘Happy Morning Mantra’, a weekly video chat show run ‘by the students and for the students’.


  • Be Positive, Stay Happy
  • Change is the Way Forward
  • Being Caring and Helpful


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23 July ,2021

A plethora of activities and competitions were organized to ensure the holistic development of the students. The school, during this period, provided all support to training teachers in the use of digital resources for pedagogical practices. Several training sessions were organized both for students and staff to keep them apprised of the latest trends and updates in the world of technology. We faced the challenge with unity, resilience and the will to overcome every obstacle.



NAYEE DISHA-Pedagogical  Modifications in COVID Times was initiated by Ms. Nanu Rekhi, Advisor, Pre-Primary. A team of teachers worked collectively under her guidance to prepare age-appropriate activities comprising of self composed riddles, rhymes, tongue twisters, conversations, role play, rapid fire, etc. Each monthly edition of the activity handout was designed specially to help children speak, think and become confident learners.


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  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMCarrying forward the English Language Enrichment Programme initiated by Ms. Rekha Sharma, Education Advisor, a number of new activities were shared for the students of Classes I to X to help enhance the Vocabulary and Communication Skills of the students.
  • Story Spinners is an initiative in which the students of Class V are trained for story telling by the Class Teachers and the respective English Teachers. One story is selected per section. Children from each section prepare one story that they perform for a section of Class III.
  • Weekly News Bulletins, which have a set format, are presented in rotation by the different sections across classes. The Class Teachers ensure maximum participation in the same from their classes. The highlight is the Debate/ Panel Discussion on a current issue. Students think critically, articulate, debate and discuss a wide range of issues. This initiative has been highly appreciated by the parents and has instilled in the students tremendous amount of confidence.