Policies and Committees

The school has the following committees:




1. Grievance Redressal:
This committee looks after the complaints lodged by any stakeholder and judge its merits. Anyone with a genuine grievance
can approach the school grievance cell in person or drop it in writing.


2. Internal Complaints: 
This committee looks into the complaints regarding the following:
•Physical contact and advances.
•Demands or request for sexual favour.
•Showing photography and any other unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal      conduct of sexual nature.


3. POSCO: Protection of Child from Sexual Offense
This committee looks into the protection/ welfare of the children from all kinds of sexual offense. It ensures that the school is safe,
protective and conducive to the overall development of each child.


4. Discipline Committee:
This committee looks into all kinds of mis-conduct of the students to ensure proper discipline, safety and security of the students. The
guidelines given by the Department of Education(DOE) are strictly adhered to by this committee.


5. Tobacco Committee:
School is a Non-Smoking Zone. No member of the staff is allowed to indulge in such behavior. If found guilty, the committee takes appropriate


6. Disaster Management Committee:
This committee is responsible for dealing with emergencies(earthquakes, fires), in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to
lessen the impact of disasters and ensure the safety of the students.