International Dimension (IDS Activities / Global Exchange Program)

Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura, was conferred with the International Dimension in Schools (IDS) Award (2022-2025) by the British Council for the 6th consecutive time. We have been a recipient of this award for 18 years.



The international dimension in education has always been an integral part of our policy – ‘Sarvaswa Parivaar‘ – the entire world is a family and the Bal Bharati fraternity has extended its horizons to include as many people as possible from different nations in this parivaar .

Recent advances in technology have made the world a much smaller place. Global issues are becoming local issues through massive inputs from omnipresent information channels. The younger generation today is more receptive to the fast pace of change in the world than ever before. Therefore, there is a greater need to equip our youngsters with skills to communicate and develop a better understanding and tolerance towards the diverse cultures of the world. A strong ‘international policy’ empowers the students for the same. Our students, bubbling with positivity and youthful energy, should be able to gauge the impact of global, social, economic, political and environmental trends on local issues and develop a wider perspective.



  • Our school has registered for ‘Recognition of International Dimension in Schools (RIDS)’. It is a special programme by British Council giving recognition to schools for their global connect, activities and exchanges with schools across borders. The designing of the Action Plan is in progress and shall be submitted at British Council this week.



30 students from Classes IX, X and XI participated in a Generation Global Video Conference on 8th February 2024. The topic of the Video Conference was ‘Peace and Security’, based on Sustainable Development Goal – 16  (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions). The facilitators from Generation Global appreciated how our students gave specific examples from their own lives, pertaining to the topic under discussion.


  • The children of Classes IV and V along with the teachers attended the online GOI Peace Youth Event “How Can We Create Peace through Nonviolence?” on 2nd March 2024. Mr. Kazu Haga, a trainer and practitioner of nonviolence and restorative justice, was the speaker. He works with incarcerated people, youth, and activists from around the country (U.S.A.). The workshop focused around understanding how trauma and violence impacts individuals, including our inability to practice nonviolence, and give empathy. He emphasised how by creating peace we can create a better world for ourselves and our future generations.



Mr. Joseph Arum and Mrs. Love Arum from Eagles Academy International Bilingual Schools, Enugu, Nigeria visited our school on 21st February 2024. The guests visited the school premises and interacted with the staff members and students gauging the methodologies used at our school to make the teaching-learning process enriching and fulfilling. They appreciated our various endeavours, such as the Integrated Approach of Teaching, Paper Recycling Unit, Solar Panels, Butterfly Garden, Herbal Garden, and Vegetable Garden.


Dr. Ravneet Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Elementary Education, Mata Sundari College for Women, along with Professor Doris Buhler- Niederberger, presently teaching sociology of family, youth and education at the University of Wuppertal (Germany), visited the Pre-Primary Department on 20th February for academic and research purpose, focusing on the sociology of childhood. They found children to be confident and capable of expressing themselves well. They also appreciated the Montessori apparatus activities and pedagogies being followed.

  • GOI Peace Event

An online interactive session with Ms Toshika Tanaka, a bomb survivor from Hiroshima, Japan was organised by the Goi Peace Foundation as a part of Peace initiative on 16th September’ 23.  Students of Classes IV to VIII along with 8 teachers attended the same. Ms Toshika Tanaka recalled and shared her horrifying firsthand experience of her survival in the historic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

Ms Toshika proved to be a very positive and inspirational influence on the audience especially during the question-answer session. She laid emphasis on ‘Forgiveness as the key to creating Peace among nations’. The children interacted with the speaker through the Live Chat.

  • Peace Pals International‘ organised an Art Exhibition in partnership with Unity Earth on the theme ‘Unity’ as a part of their peace initiative for the year 2023. 40 students of the Art Club from Classes III to VIII uploaded their entries and received Certificates of Participation.


  • To celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity, the following activities were conducted at school:
Classes VI and VII12.05.2023Save WildlifeSlogan Writing
Class IXHow Lifestyle Impacts the EnvironmentAwareness Workshop
  • More than 200 students from Classes VI to XII enrolled themselves for multiple online courses offered by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP). The students received appreciation certificates on successfully completing the courses.
  • The students of Classes VI to XII participated in the 2023 International Essay Contest for Young People organized by the Goi Peace Foundation. The theme for this year’s contest was ‘Youth Creating a Peaceful Future’. 9 students from the Middle and Secondary Department submitted their essays. The students as well as their teacher in charge, Ms. Gursimran Kaur received an Appreciation Certificate for the same.



IDS UPDATES 2022-2023

  • GLOBE TROTTERS CLUB-45 students of Class IX have been registered on the Generation Global portal under the initiative ‘Globe Trotters Club’. These students are being made to practise dialogue skills using the modules and resources available on the portal.
  • Generation Global is currently hosting its SDG Dialogue Series! This global dialogue is an opportunity for young people to come together and dialogue about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in a fun and engaging way. 20 students of Class IX have been actively attending these enriching sessions and honing their dialogue skills.
  • TRAVERSING THE BOUNDARIES-To enable them to become global citizens, the students of the Primary Department are exposed to various customs, cultures, and traditions by introducing songs from different countries around the world. During the months of April and May 2022, the students learnt ‘Malaika’ which is a Swahili song written by Tanzanian musician Adam Salim in 1945. This song is possibly the most widely known of all Swahili songs in the world. Malaika in the given context means ‘angel’ in Swahili.
  • With an aim to help the students of the Primary Department appreciate and enjoy the variety of dance forms from across the world, they were taught FLAMENCO, the famous dance form of Southern Spain in the month of May 2022. The students learnt the same most enthusiastically.
  • 45 students of Class IX participated in a Generation Global Video Conference on 20th May 2022. The topic of the video conference was ‘Values, Beliefs and Cultures’. The students impressed the facilitators from Generation Global with their confidence, knowledge and dialogue skills. Ms. Nidhi Wadhawan, Ms. Amandeep Kaur and Ms. Nishtha Sikand prepared the students for the session and facilitated it.
  • JAPAN INTERNATIONAL ESSAY COMPETITION 2022-Students from the Primary Department participated in Japan International Essay Competition – 2022 ‘International Essay Contest for Young People’ organised by the Goi Peace Foundation, Embassy of Japan.
    World Health DayChoose Water For Healthy HydrationPreschool and Pre- Primary 07.4.2022
    Yoga- A Healthy Way Of LivingI & II 
    International  Earth  DayEarth WarriorsPP-II22.04.2022
    Single Use PlasticIV
    World Environment DayPoster MakingIII-V09.05.2022
    World Family Day Colouring ActivityPS-II15.05.2022


  • The World Literacy Day was observed by the children of Pre-Primary Department on 8th September, 2022. Children were motivated to enhance their literacy skills and assist those who are facing difficulties in reading and writing. As part of the campaign, our children visited NGO Matrachaya, where they donated story books and stationery items, and shared their reading experiences together.  Children engaged in various activities like slogan writing, word chain game, creating beautiful handmade bookmarks for their favorite storybooks. A puppet show was presented by the students of Class II on the importance of being literate. An activity ‘Read-a-thon’ was conducted to develop the interest of children in reading. Good readers were also awarded.
  • The International Day of Peace was observed in Pre-Primary Department on 27th September, 2022. The students wore white, and the teachers discussed how each one of us can bring peace into the world. They created beautiful dove birds with finger printing and peace plates. Children came dressed up as peace messengers e.g. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhiji etc. Famous slogans were read followed by a rhyme dramatization.
  • To mark the International Day of Peace 2022, the students of Class III made bookmarks on the theme of Peace. The students of Classes IV and V made cards based on the topic ‘End Racism, Build Peace’.
  • The students of Globe Trotters Club have been participating in various video conferences organised by Generation Global. The students are trained in the modules by the teachers in charge and after thorough research and preparation, they attend the scheduled sessions moderated by the experts at Generation Global. 6 students of Class IX completed a 4-week long SDG Dialogue Series, organised by Generation Global, and received certificates of appreciation for the same. Under this programme, they interacted with their peers across the globe by participating in video conferences pertaining to the SDGs chosen by them.
  • An exchange programme was organized in collaboration with Global Exploration, Netherlands, from 11th to 22nd January, 2023. A group of 15 students from Classes VIII to XI, along with Ms. Nidhi Sood, TGT, English visited various schools and colleges in Amsterdam, Maasstricht, Weert and Heerlen and participated in a wide spectrum of collaborative activities. They also attended the grand opening of the Dutch Cultural Exchange to promote the UN SDG Goals which was attended by 450 students from countries across the globe.The team returned happy and appreciative of Dutch culture and is looking forward to host the Dutch students in the month of July, 2023.
  • 68 students from Classes IX and X participated in ‘Topical Talk Festival’, an initiative by the Economist Foundation. It was a seven-week global discussion on the top news stories and issues of the current times between schools and leading topic experts. The festival was packed with  inspiring activities and online events. It provided students a platform to engage them in thought provoking discussions and quiz competitions. Our school was one of eight schools to make it to the Leader Board. Our students’ standpoints were also shortlisted and published in the Editor’s Picks.
  • 90 essay entries from Classes VII to IX have been submitted for the Vietnam Essay Writing Competition.
  • 20 students from Class IX participated in the ‘Digital Literacy Awareness Training Program’ – a joint CSR initiative of UNICEF & Microsoft, and completed the course. They were awarded certificates.
  • Keeping in view the enthusiasm of each of the two partner schools, a virtual meeting between the team BBPS, Pitampura and DPS, Sharjah was conducted on 5th November, 2022, to speculate the probability of a physical exchange between the two schools. The discussion deliberated around the most plausible time and duration of the visits, number of children to be selected and the criteria for their selection.


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