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Where we nurture the dreams of children

                                               and help them blossom into confident, vibrant adults

where we nourish the ideas of young minds

                                   and help them discover their own imagination

                          where we delight in the skills of budding artist and athletes

                          and celebrate in the joy of their victories

          where we honour the spirit of each of our children

            and teach them to honour others

         where we inculcate life skills and instill sensitivity

                                                  and teach them to cope with the changes and challenges

                       where we don’t just prepare children for higher education

                          we prepare them for life as global citizens.


‘The will to win , the desire to succeed , the urge to reach your full potential … these are the keys that unlock the door to excellence.‘ Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura epitomizes this excellence where students and teachers tread the ‘untrodden path’ to achieve greater horizons in the pursuit of knowledge. Learning is fun and innovation is the silent mantra. Flying on the wings of imagination, the creative energy finds an outlet where each child is motivated and inspired to paint the canvas of life with different hues and colors celebrating their uniqueness. Innovative and exciting methodologies are synergized for establishing optimum learning opportunities.

Dreams are the seedlings of reality. The genesis of this mammoth institution, as it stands today, dates back to the year 1984. This momentous journey marked by rapid progress, outstanding achievements and monolithic landmarks has been possible on account of the constant mentoring by Sh. Nikhil Channa , the President of Child Education Society and Chairman of Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura who supports and encourages every innovative endeavor. Ms. Rekha Sharma , the Secretary of the school, is an institution in herself  and  a  pillar of strength . Under the dynamic and charismatic leadership of the Principal, Mrs. Meenu Goswami, the institution has become a forerunner in providing quality education and a name to reckon with.


The school has carved a very special niche for itself with specific strengths in diverse areas such as academics, sports, co-curricular activities, value education and bicultural exchange programmes. The school strives to bring about a harmonious blend of the wisdom of our traditional educational ethos and modern technology. While the school emphasizes on global thinking and opens its ‘windows wide to the culture of the world’, it also believes in preserving our own culture and ideology. It tries to create a learning atmosphere “where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. The journey of infinite miles has started…….with its valleys of smiles, peaks of achievement, plains of success and small troughs of challenges…each a celebration for us…each a learning experience.





    • A well- balanced curriculum that is a unique synthesis of the best contemporary educational techniques and personal enrichment programmes.
    • Excellent results in classes XII and X with remarkable placements of students in top international and national institutes. Our alumni tell the story of our achievements.
    • Class presentations that ensure 100% participation of the students are a regular feature from pre-primary to class XII.
    • Good Reading Programme to inculcate and enhance students’ interest in reading books.
    • An effective model of inclusive education is followed where the students with special needs are provided differentiated instructions as well as academic and behavioural support by a brilliant team of counselors and special educators.
    • International dimension has been effectively incorporated in the school curriculum through numerous Bi- Cultural exchange programmes, Video Conferences (VCs) and international activities with a motto to develop a global awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity. The school has earned the distinction for organizing the maximum number of VCs through the Generation Global Programme (formerly Face to Faith) run by theTony Blair Faith Foundation).
    • A full-fledged Teacher- Training Centre provides customized training programmes in instructional and assessment strategies, uniquely tailored to the needs of the educators.
    • A sprawling adventure activity centre at Solan exposes all the students to various outward bound activities like trekking, rock climbing and others.
    • A well-structured sports programme with trained coaches in 18 games has enabled the students to excel at national and international levels.
    • A strong and positive connect with all parents and stake holders, addressing their issues and concerns at the earliest possible and an active and supportive PTA body promoting an environment of trust and confidence.